This Page is determined to find and share all of the secrets hidden around the world of Runecraft. (feel free to edit in your finds :)Edit

1) Lumbridge Dead Trees 2) Behind Pistons - Farm House 3) Under the fountain in Lumbridge castle 4) under Al-Kharid furnance 5) Al-Kharid bank 6) Al-Kharid top tower 7) Under rubble house in lumbridge forest 8) In wardrobe 9) Draynor bank 10) Draynor Rooftops 11) Draynor Sewers up the waterfall near jail 12) Lumbridge tree up a ladder 13) Under centre fountain 14) Lumbermill 15) Grand exchange 17) Under romeo and juliets house 16) In building with fireplace 18) Inside house, click button up ladder 19) Outside edgeville building behind crates and chests 20) Underneath the stairs in the main hall 21) Dwarven Mine in the pillar 22) Down the hole 23) Big shaft west of Falador - scale rooves to get to it 24) Ontop of pirate ship mast. Ninja jump accross sails to get to it. 25) Varrock sewer - underneath water via button near bear cage 26) Varrock sewer - up a water shaft near skeletons 27) Karamja Boat