Quest HelpEdit

By: Seldomshock

2012-02-11 09.02.25

This Page is meant to help you out of the hard parts of the main quest in runescraft.Edit

First, to start the quest go to Lumbridge Castle by going there or typeing /spawn.There you will recieve your first coordinates of (x-854 ,z- 175).

This will bring you to Varrock. From the south entrance it is the second house (first door) on your right. Enter the house and go around the stairs. Follow the passageway to recieve your next coordinates of (x-751, Z-506).

These coordinates will bring you to Draynor Manor. Enter the manor normally, and go to the first room on the right. Go down the stairs, then go behind them. Enter the room to get your next coordinates of (x-463, y-94).

These coordinates will bring you to Al-Kahrid right outside the Duel Arena.Outside the duel arena there is a giant skeleton of a monster, enter it from behind,and recieve your next coordinates of (x-144, z-516).

These Coordinates will bring you to Wizards Tower. After entering,go to the basement go the the second room on the right there you will recieve coordinates (x-253, y:79, z:819).

These coordinates will bring you to Port Sarim.In Port Sarim prison go up the first ladder, and go to the first room on your left, in the bunk room.You recieve the coordinates(x-590, Z:437).

These coordinates will bring you to a farm building north of Lumbridge, next to the windmill. The coordeinates are on the second story. The coordinates are(x-342 Z:246).

These will bring you to Lumbridge Castle. The stone building directly behind the castle has the next coordinates of (x-751, y:79, z:712).

These bring you to Falador.Go to falador and go to the Eastern fountain(the noncenter one) there is a house with 3 stories nearby, got to the third floor to find the next coordinates of (x-176, y:91, z-50).

These bring you to Al-Kahrid again. Go to the palace and go to the top. There is a giant box tower on the top. Walk aound it to find a stone button. Press it and go into the tower(very hard). Go up the ladder to find Secret #6, and the coordinates(x-434, Z:387).

These bring you to the ruins west of lumbridge(same place as secret #7). Minor jumping onto the top, and go down a ladder. There are no coordinates present.If you know where to go leave a comment :D