When we decided to start up a Youtube channel, we thought out a lot of names - eventually choosing Podcrash in 2010. We started off as a Minecraft channel but wanted to expand between every type of gaming to quench the thirst of everyone.

Both me (Jordan) and Matt have equal amounts of work to do with everything Podcrash related and share all our ideas openly, we definitely listen to the community and hope to continue in the same way.

We both enjoy the community side of youtube and socializing with everyone. We are always jam packed with ideas and new things to do, running a wikia, minecraft server, website, youtube channel, minecraftforum and planetminecraft pages definitely prove that!

Between the two of us it is a lot of work but we try to put 110% in, constantly working to bring people exactly what they want, if you don't like something, please speak up and we will try to resolve the situation - If its lag to do with the server there is probably nothing that can be done, you will just have to bare with it and accept it for the time being.

We founded Podcrash in 2010 (as said above) and planned big things for our channel, we want to bring quality/presentation and a quirky lack of professionalism (only sometimes) to show that we are still human, I prefer it because it makes it feel like we're talking to you directly and adds funny hiccups instead of a refined boring playthrough.

Constantly wanting to expand - we hope you will continue to support us as much as you are now, all we can say is THANKYOU!

-FlubbaJubba (Jordan)